Everyone in the livestock industry recognizes that we are all blessed with only a few good stock dogs, a few good horses, a few good herd sires, and a few great Foundation Females; in our lifetime. It is this type of great female that Reid Angus takes pride in building a program around. These females have bought and paid for a lot of the things that make our operation run. They truly are our Foundation!

During our early years we did a lot of embryo transfer work to multiply our Foundation females. We have continually put heavy emphasis on their genetics. In our 24 years in the purebred industry we have only sold 2 females to other breeders. We are constantly striving to improve our cowherd by retaining every top-end female we can. This tight knit cowherd has provided us with a consistency that we benefit from year after year.

Almost our entire cowherd is based on 3 outstanding cow families. In 1994 at Remington’s first dispersal we purchased a 8 yr old cow, Chalco Georgina 3 U. She calved as a 2 yr and raised & registered 16 natural calves – one each year until she was 18. From 1995 to 2005 she produced over 200 embryos & still calved in the same 3 week period all her life: January 27th to February 17th. Her first flush was to CH 054 Rito 0100 in 1995. She produced 35 embryos – 32 # 1’s and 3 # 2’s. Flush cows are given prostaglandin after the flush so that they don’t retain any embryos. Cows will come into heat off the prostoglandin but if they are bred they seldom conceive; 3 U did – every time. She was the picture of Fertility. We continued to flush her every year after that until she was 19 years old. 3 U continued to produce for all the right reasons. She was extremely Fertile, she was good footed, sound uddered, she had a great disposition, she was simply a durable, consistent female with longevity built-in. At one time we had 77 females in the herd that were direct daughters of 3 U. Her impact on our breeding program was immeasurable. She truly was:  Tried, Tested, & True.

To the cow-calf producer fertility is the most important economic trait. It is one of the most difficult traits to select for, because you can’t see it, it can’t be measured. The only way you can select for it is on the dam’s past performance. That is why older cows demonstrate it better than anything else in the herd. Fertility is like trust & respect you have to earn it!  3U did!

In 1998 Tom Hamilton of Rannoch Farms allowed me to purchase R F Lady Milne 11 D & Erica of Rannoch 100 C. Good breeders have a tough time parting with their good cows, but in his late 70’s Tom thought it might be time to let a few of the good ones go. Tom was right they were good ones. The “Lady Milne” & the “Erica” cow families have had a very strong influence on the Reid Angus herd. R F Lady Milne 11 D was a donor cow that we flushed extensively to bulls like T C Stockman 365, B R Midland, & T C Advantage. Both of these Rannoch bred cows pedigrees and influence are still evident today in our herd.

At Reid Angus we truly believe it all begins with her – the Cow. She is Fertile, she phenotypically correct, sound footed, perfect in her teat and udder quality and has longevity built-in. When producing our Bulls we don’t hope for this in their Mothers; We Insist On It!


REG: #2219702 | TATTOO: IMP 8062F | DOB: 20/02/2018


Consistency. We look for it in everything. R A Lady Milne 60A is a Consistent top end producer. She has raised three outstanding herd Bulls, three years in a row, from three different Sires. In our 2017 “Heat Seeker” Bull Sale, 66 Ranch purchased an OCC Legacy son out of RA Lady Milne 60A. In “Heat Seeker 2018” Spring Coulee Ranch purchased the high seller, a SAV Harvestor son, out of 60A. Then in 2019 she produced a remarkable SAV Regard son, R A Limit Up 6F, who is part of our herd Bull line up. She calves in the first cycle every year & she did it again in 2022 even while raising twin heifers in 2021. All of her heifer calves make it to the top end of the replacement heifer pen. Now That’s Consistency. We not only look for it, We expect it, in our “Foundation Females”



Foundation Females produce Foundation Females. And so it goes with 28R – her Grand-dam is the herd building, magnificent female Chalco Georgina 3U. This female was the “Foundation” that we produced 77 females in our herd from. One of 3U’s daughters RAR Georgina’s Rito 8G was mated with the great Breed changing sire; Crescent Creek Braveheart 35F which resulted in RA BH Georgina Rito 28R born in 2005. 28R raised 12  natural calves and now is a prolific donor, producing over 86 embryos over the past 4 yrs. She still contributes to our program at 18 yrs of age. Truly a remarkable female.


One of her most significant contributions to our herd building program was Reid Angus Advantage 11U. 11U was 28R’s second calf and what an influence this son and his mother have had on our program. 11U was the Grand Champion Angus Bull at the 2009 Medicine Hat Bull sale and was also a Silver Medallist at the 2009 World Angus Forum at Spruce Meadows. One of his first daughters was Heifer Calf Champion at the Olds Fall Classic in 2010. As you scroll through the Reid Angus pedigrees you will find 11U’s significant influence in our program.


Fertility is the most important economic trait. Reid Angus Georgina 28R demonstrated this consistently. Fertility in Females cannot be measured. Fertility is the product of consistent production; calving in the same time frame year after year after year. Longevity demonstrates structural soundness and fertility. Females in our program don’t stay if they don’t produce. Even at the age of 18….28R continues to produce for all the right reasons.



MAR 14 / 2023


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